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Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture
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About Facial Rejuvenation

Our feeling states especially sad (down-turned mouth), angry (frown), happy (smile) cause us to use various facial muscles which, over time, lead to the lines and wrinkles. When the muscles start changing and the lines fill in with collagen from the facial acupuncture, our faces change. There is a feedback loop to the brain from the muscles so our feelings are lifted. The movement of Qi and blood caused by the facial and body acupuncture improves our Shen seen in more glowing skin and brighter eyes. Shen is the essence of the person. The entire process using both body points and facial points is a nice spiral upward on many levels - cellular, energetic, hormonally and emotionally.

I decided to offer this after my hair stylist asked me if I knew how to do this kind of acupuncture. Since we trade and she rarely gets acupuncture, I was highly motivated to learn it to even our trade. What surprised me in studying how others do this and treating both of us was how delighted we both were with our smooth and glowing skin and how pleased we were with seeing a healthier, younger looking version of ourselves in the mirror. I really enjoyed seeing how delighted she was with the results.

  • Improved muscle tone and tone of the skin
  • Increased collagen production and evens out the dispersal of collagen
  • Quicker turnover of facial skin
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles created by habitual expressions
  • Helps to reduce bags under the eyes
  • Helps lift drooping eyelids and sagging cheeks/jowls
  • Helps to eliminate puffiness by improving metabolism thus eliminating excess fluids
  • Tightens pores
  • Improves hormonal balance
  • Brightens the eyes
  • Promotes overall health and well being
  • Helps to normalize facial oiliness/dryness by increasing the local circulation
  • Reduces and sometimes eliminates double chin
  • Reduces stress evident in the face
  • Brings out a person's innate beauty and radiance; improves self esteem
  • Slows the aging process from within
  • Delays the hair turning gray and loss of hair with aging


  • Severe high blood pressure that is not in control. Treatment is fine for those with controlled blood pressure on medication.
  • Severe migraines more frequent than every three months.
  • No facial acupuncture until 3 weeks after laser facial resurfacing and one week after microdermabrasion.
  • Pregnancy
  • Colds or flu
  • Acute herpes outbreaks
  • Acute allergic reactions

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